The Sacred Salve

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The Sacred Salve
A 100% organic, highly concentrated beeswax based cannabinoid salve infused with herbs and essential oils

2 fl oz | Topical use only

500mg CBD & 500mg CBG
+ Terpenes & Whole Plant Goodness

*This is a highly concentrated, medicinal strength salve. It is intended for use on the skin and can be highly effective in reducing inflammation, offering relief for muscle pain and many eye-opening benefits.


• Organic Hempseed Oil
• Organic MCT Oil
• Organically Grown CBD/CBG Extract
• Organic Beeswax
• Organic Arnica
• Organic Sage
• Organic St. Johns Wort
• Organic Plantain
• Organic Comfrey
• Organic Calendula
• Organic Mastic
• Organic Melissa
• Organic Wild Carrot Seed
• Organic Helichrysum

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