The O3 Sacred Facial Serum – Ozonated for Anti-Aging & Cell Repair [OUT OF STOCK]


Experience anti-aging and cell repair with The O3 Sacred Serum, a skincare product that transcends the ordinary. This unique serum combines the nurturing properties of natural oils and the healing power of cannabinoids, now ozonated for unparalleled bioavailability, to deliver a truly revitalizing skincare experience.

Out of stock



  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Organic Helichrysum
  • Organic Frankincense
  • Organically Grown CBD
  • Organically Grown CBG
  • Organic Mastic
  • Ozone-Infused Cannabinoid Blend

Product Details:

  • Jar Size: 1oz
  • Servings: Multiple applications per 1oz jar
  • Application Instructions: Gently massage The O3 Sacred Serum into your forehead and around your eyes. For best results, apply before bedtime
  • Activation Time: Very quick absorption due to bioavailability of ozonated CBD/CBG


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