Why we do it?

Our wish is to help others,
recognizing that the only way to truly accomplish this is to first feel good ourselves.

We made The Sacred Blend for all of us.
Some of our Sacred Peacock team members have struggled with anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Our human experience has awakened a deep empathy and compassion for the suffering in the world.
And we believe there is a solution.

Intention is powerful.

Well being is a dependent mind-body relationship.
We must cultivate belief in our bodies ability to heal.
And from this place, the results that we yearn for will come.

Our founder's inspiring story.

Matthew Forrest owner/founder of Sacred Peacock Botanicals was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme’s disease several years ago.  Matt was extremely sick (re: complications from the disease) and was not receiving relief from the medicine and protocols that were prescribed him.

At the same time Matt’s father was diagnosed with cancer.  Matt describes this as, “an overwhelming, painful, emotional and inspirational time..” Matt made a strong determination to heal and to help others heal. 

Several months later Matt cured himself through a variety of healing modalities and practices. The entire trajectory of his life had changed. His wish to help others inspired him to open Feeling 02 Good, and now, make organic CBD products available to as many people as possible.

owner / Founder of Sacred Peacock, Matthew Forrest,
Before Matt’s father died he said these words to his son,

“When you cure yourself, don’t be selfish, help others do the same; what you know is not common knowledge.”


Environmental Stewardship

Being in the solution ie. sustainable packaging, sustainable business practices, careful sourcing of materials, and partnerships with incredible organic hemp farmers & producers.


Education & Plant Medicine

The Sacred Peacock believes that information and education is powerful. We’re deeply committed to continual learning and sharing the special healing insights and applications that arise. When the spirit calls, visit our learn & explore center.


Certificate of Analysis’ every step of the way

  • COA’s from our Partner Farm in Oregon
  • COA’s from our Partner Producer in Colorado