The Sacred Blend 500mg – Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Experience tranquility and transformation with every drop of our Sacred Blend 500mg. Featuring organically grown CBD and CBG in every .125 fl oz bottle. This is the smaller, more affordable version of its counterpart with the same quality in a more compact package. It comes with all the benefits of the 4000mg Sacred Blend.


Organic Hempseed Oil
Organic MCT Oil
CBD & CBG (Organically Grown)

Jar Size: .125oz

Potency: ~175mg CBD & ~175mg CGB per .125oz jar

Servings: 15+ per .125oz jar

Serving Size: 3 to 5 drops* (20-35mg)

Directions: Take internally by applying 3 to 5 drops sublingually.

Activation Time: 0-2 hours